The importance of Vitamin D

02 Sep 2020

The importance of Vitamin D

If you follow the Deland Community Fitness page, you may have seen a quick mention about the importance of Vitamin D, but now I want to elaborate on that. You need Vitamin D so that your body can process and absorb Calcium, which you need for strong bones - check, we know that.

But did you know that you also need both for muscle movement and nerve communication? Or that Vitamin D is necessary for immune system responses? Or that Calcium is vital for signaling between cells, hormone secretion, and blood vessel flow?

Without them people run the risk of hyperparathyroidism which can lead to osteoporosis, skeletal deformities in young children, and muscle weakness in children the the elderly (John Hopkins).

While some levels of Vitamin D can be found in certain foods (listed on the John Hopkins article), you can get plenty of Vitamin D from just 15 minutes of sun exposure. So take a 15 minute walk outside, pull some weeds, or play fetch with your dog. Basically, get outside and get some Vitamin D!