The History of NIKA

04 Nov 2020

The History of NIKA

Imagine a baby Ashley and big girl Kara circa 2013. We were getting divorced and moving to New Smyrna Beach to live a life we loved. The world was mostly mad at us but we had a few things. The first was a love for each other. The second our boys, a paid off 4Runner and Suburban, and a passion for CrossFit.

So we took a loan on both vehicles, did the research on DeLand and signed a lease on a building full of old medical equipment. We spent weeks painting purple, cleaning, building, and many many late nights peering out the bathroom windows at what was going on at the Red Barn.

We met the neighbors and warned them of all of you to come. The loud music and running in the parking lot. I still think to this day they thought we were and are crazy!

We opened that giant bay door on a Saturday and had all of our friends from CrossFit UnMatched come to do the 300’s WOD (don’t worry, you will be doing it this week), we met new friends, and signed up 12 people that day.

For years we taught every class, wrote every WOD, and cleaned that gym tirelessly. We coordinated every event and handled all the behind the scenes. I quickly realized there were people better than me and I needed help.

Today our greatest joy is building careers that others love. Getting to attend class as an athlete and watching all of you continue to grow.