January Nika of the Month

04 Jan 2021

January Nika of the Month

For the Nika of the Month for January, the coaches very easily chose Neil. He is the best example of what Nika hopes to be in 2021, the light for our community. Read on to learn more about Neil.

1 - How did you hear about Nika?

We had friends that were members, who always talked up Nika for the fitness and social benefits. Ultimately, it was my wife who started four months before me that really opened my eyes.

2 - What made you come in for a No Sweat Intro for the first time?

To be honest, Jes was becoming a badass without me. We’ve always done athletics together, but I was involved in an educational program when she finally gave up exercising in solitude. She came home after a WOD and was absolutely ALIVE, talking about the lifts she was learning and friends she had made. I needed some of that in my life…

3 - Did you feel nervous or intimated after your No Sweat Intro?

I was soooo freakin’ nervous at first, which was compounded by the fact that I was trying to project cool confidence. Funny story, I actually bought a jump rope weeks before starting so I could practice before doing it in a WOD (didn’t help). It was all completely unnecessary, Coach Nikki did my foundations and set me on a personal path for growth.

4 - Favorite WOD or Movement?

With a background in power and Olympic lifting, it would be easy to inject one of those lifts for this answer. However, having spent most of my life a much heavier person, the gymnastic moves challenge me the most. There is an eloquence in having control of your physical person that is artful and meditative. Plus, it’s really cool to flip upside down and do a Handstand Push-Up!

5 - Tell me about a friend or friends you have made at NIKA.

_So many great friends! Working in a very small office, the social aspect was a draw for me. Yet, I could have never imagined the numerous quality relationships I would gain. These friends are varied in nearly every imaginable way and it only enriches my experiences and perspective.

_6 - Greatest accomplishment so far?

Climbing the rope for the first time in my life as a 43-years old. As a kid, I always wanted to climb the rope but knew I might fall and it would hurt. Hard work overcomes fear.

7 - Next goal?

Dubs, if for no other reason than I’m sick of doing twice as many singles!

8 - How has Nika helped with your job, hobby, everyday life?

Like I mentioned, the social aspect has really fostered better communication skills at my job. My hobbies and everyday life are drastically improved because I am cross-trained for it all, whether it be soccer with the girls, hiking with my wife, or running with the dogs.

9- What is your Spirit Animal?


_10- Favorite Song to workout to?

Forgot About Dre – Dr.Dre/Eminem

11- What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a No Sweat Intro?


Congrats, Neil! Keep being you, friend!