February Nika of the Month

04 Feb 2021

February Nika of the Month

Patty is a 645am staple and the coaches have noticed her consistent hard work, so choosing her for February’s Nika of the Month was easy! Read on to learn more about Patty.

1 - How did you hear about Nika? I saw a post on FB and signed up for a weekend boot camp / health challenge a couple years again.

2 - What made you come in for a No Sweat Intro for the first time? After everything shut down last year I started working from home and needed a gym closer to the house.

3 - Did you feel nervous or intimated after your No Sweat Intro? Not really. Stacy was very easy to talk to when I signed up and with Niki’s enthusiasm about cross fit there was no time to be nervous.

4 - Favorite WOD or Movement? The Snatch - because it’s a complex movement that pretty much involves all major muscle groups, and if you perform multiples you get your cardio in.

5 - Tell me about a friend or friends you have made at NIKA. Everyone has been so supportive, encouraging and kind. I’ve honestly never been to a gym where everyone is so genuine. Thank you to all you morning bad asses for always being positive and cheering each other on. Can’t express enough how much I appreciate you all.

6 - Greatest accomplishment so far? Learning moves using a barbell. I’ve only ever worked on machines or with dumbbells so it’s been really exciting. I never would have thought, especially not at my age, that I would be able to accomplish some of the moves I’ve done so far. I am very thankful to Niki, Skeeter, T, and Zach. THE BEST trainers I’ve ever worked with. I am having such a great time with you guys.

7 - Next goal? Kipping. Didn’t think it would be possible for me but Zach took the time to work with me and explain how it works and I think maybe someday I’ll be able to pull it off!

8 - How has Nika helped with your job, hobby, everyday life? Energy, focus and patience at work has been freaking awesome. I SCUBA so it has improved my air consumption and climbing back onto the boat with 50 lbs of gear on is much easier.

9- What is your Spirit Animal? I’ve had a few show themselves at different stages in my life. Most recent the barracuda.

10- Favorite Song to workout to? Thunderstruck – AC/DC

11- What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a No Sweat Intro? Just do it and the sooner the better. If it’s money, cut back on going out or buying that extra pair of shoes, do your own pedi, cancel Netflix, whatever it takes. If you are worried about not being fit enough or if you are working with past injuries “There’s a mod for that”.! Your older self will thank you. Quality of life baby!

Great work, Patty! Keep it up and kipping will be yours!