Do you have to work as hard as CrossFit Athletes to get fit?

01 Jul 2021

Do you have to work as hard as CrossFit Athletes to get fit?

CrossFit is rarely understood until you have tried it. What most people know about CrossFit is from memes on the internet, the few people who have been injured that visited physical therapists, doctors, etc, and the CrossFit Games.

The memes are funny, even as someone who has done CrossFit for years. The injuries are not that common, though you’re more likely for one if you have ego problems. And the athletes competing at the level of the CrossFit Games are from another world.

Those athletes live and breathe CrossFit. Some of them go to school or have full time jobs, but those are rarely the ones on the top of the podium. Regardless of where they finish, those athletes have coaches, someone to cook for them, a whole team of support. They also workout multiple times a day and have recovery scheduled as well.

Do you need to do all of that to get fit? NO!

Most athletes in a CrossFit gym workout 3-5 times a week. Some outsource their nutrition to meal plans, while others manage to fine turn their nutrition on their own. So many people have joined a CrossFit gym and found their blood pressure went down, their cholesterol improved, weight dropped, they started doing activities they previously thought impossible. Some have even managed their diabetes through diet and exercise.

You do not have to train like a professional CrossFit Athlete to get healthier. To get stronger. To feel better. You just have to show up and put in the work. Inside the gym and on your plate.

If you’re looking to improve an area of your life, especially if you’re already in our gym, personal training may be your ticket. You will see results with group classes, but if you want results faster, or want to focus your training in one area, look for some one-on-one sessions with a coach.

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