Some of our favorite businesses!

22 Jul 2021

Some of our favorite businesses!

We love our community here in Deland! And even more, we love to support our community! We want to share a few of our favorite local places, businesses we love to frequent and our first recommendations about town!

First up, one of our neighbors: Dobros Restuarant! They’re known for their deep dish, Chicago style pizza, but they also have fantastic pastas, salads, and sandwiches. Even better, they have built their own fit menu! Another set of great tasting food items that are good for you! On Saturday mornings at the gym, we often smell their garlic as they’re getting ready to open for the day.

Another neighbor of ours: Warrior Defense Martial Arts! Professor Ginger is a kickass member of our 645am class and amazing professor to kids and adult alike for jiu-jitsu and self defense! Warrior Defense also offers yoga and kickboxing, plus they offer classes for adults and kids as young as three!

A not so close neighbor, but everyone’s favorite doctor: Deland Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression! Dr. Gordon is one of three chiropractors at Deland Chiropractic and an avid CrossFitter with us at NIKA. He’s our go-to when something in our bodies just isn’t working right. And since he works out with us, he knows what we mean when we’re explaining that something is clicking when we clean, or snatching pulls something in the shoulder.

And our last mention for today, while she may not workout with us (yet), she’s always willing to support us when we have an event: Pretty Little Things of Deland! Located in downtown Deland, Pretty Little Things has all the things adorable, giftable, and Deland. She loves Deland and it shows by the items in her store! Definitely give her a visit next time you’re downtown.

If you check out any of our favorites, let us know what you thought! And let us know what businesses you love so we can visit them as well! Check back another time for more businesses we love.