A cute outfit or new shoes can go along ways.

27 Sep 2021

A cute outfit or new shoes can go along ways.

This is the second of 4 lessons I have learned during my 14 years of fitness. Be sure to check back for the next lesson. Preview:

  1. Fitness and nutrition is a journey
  2. A cute outfit or new shoes can go along ways
  3. I always need an event to be signed up for
  4. I always need a coach

Not every day feels like a day that you want to workout. Some days you actually have zero motivation to tie your shoes, put on that sports bra, and walk out that door. Some days you can’t wait to tie your shoes, put on that sports bra, and walk out that door. Let’s be honest, there’s probably more days that you don’t wanna do it than you do want to do it. And we’ve all heard the cliché show up even when you don’t want to, “there’s never a bad workout” or my favorite, “you’re better than everyone sitting on the couch.”

Now both of these are absolutely true, there’s never bad workouts, you are better than the person sitting on the couch, and of course show up when you don’t want to. However I have found one particular trick that makes me show up, tie my shoes and put on the sports bra even when I don’t want to. As funny as this sounds sometimes a new outfit to workout in, a cute outfit, or a new pair of shoes to tie can motivate me to get out that door.

Another motivation is knowing that my coach is waiting for me to show up, log my results and I am waiting for his feedback. Today I have a day that started at 6 AM and ends at 6 PM tonight - well actually that’s not true I have to pick a sign up from work at 10:30 PM so I consider my day done after that - however I also have scheduled in my day a 30 minute upper body workout that is important for me to do in order to maintain my ability to do that pull up I worked so hard for 14 years ago.

Exercise is not the only thing that we lack motivation in. We lack motivation in nutrition, well we will lack motivation to do the laundry, to go to work, or any of the other tasks that we must do. However we get those things done because there is results at the end that provide us with a home, a full belly, and money in our pocket so maybe we need to look at fitness nutrition the same way. It’s not optional when I feel motivated to show up, it’s a must do - a deposit that must be made.

A new outfit, new shoes, a motivational quote is part of the recipe that can get you motivated to go out the door. But I’m gonna rely more on what must be done every day in order to provide the necessary I need in life just like money in my pocket, a roof over my head, and a full belly.