I always need an event to be signed up for.

11 Oct 2021

I always need an event to be signed up for.

This is the third of 4 lessons I have learned during my 14 years of fitness. Be sure to check back for the next lesson. Preview:

  1. Fitness and nutrition is a journey
  2. A cute outfit or new shoes can go along ways
  3. I always need an event to be signed up for
  4. I always need a coach

I have learned in my 14 years of fitness and nutrition that my motivation is driven by something to work towards. I need a particular goal to have or a particular dated event that I’ve paid money for and signed up for in order to help me train every day.

I have signed up for CrossFit competitions, 20 mile trail runs adventure races, mud runs, bubble races and much more to keep me motivated and moving.

Here’s what’s funny about all the things I’ve signed up for: I’ve noticed that hundreds of people will sign up, the competition will fill up, and about half of those people will actually show up. I think it’s some point those events look for people not to show up just like planet fitness or your local Globo gym.

I think at all of those events I’ve ever signed up for, there comes a point where I actually don’t want to do it. I regret paying the money, and I regret saying I’m gonna run 20 miles in the woods of Georgia. However, it’s not an option to let myself down or fail at just showing up at the starting line. Each and every time I’ve shown up at the starting line, I have finished the event.

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to sign up to do? It might be a run, a color run, attend the gym three times a week for six months? Email me back and tell me something that you would like to be held accountable for doing!

In health, Ashley