I always need a coach

25 Oct 2021

I always need a coach

This is the last of four lessons I have learned during my 14 years of fitness. Be sure to look back if you missed a previous lesson. The lessons:

  1. Fitness and nutrition is a journey
  2. A cute outfit or new shoes can go along ways
  3. I always need an event to be signed up for
  4. I always need a coach

I told you a story a month ago of how I got started in fitness and nutrition. I signed up for the YMCA because I had no idea who I was and I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I showed up every day for five days a week for the longest time, going to all kinds of classes, eyeing every barbell and dumbbell on the left side of the room, but never daring to pick it up. I was too afraid to ask for help and there was no clear path of how to get help. I told you about my friend Ashley who was my Zumba instructor and how I finally got brave enough one day after class to approach her to ask her if she did personal training.

Now looking back 14 years later I know a couple of things about helping people achieve a goal that they want. One: nobody really knows what their goal is. We all say things like lose weight, tone up and lose 10 pounds but we really don’t know what the goal is. We know deep down inside there’s something that we want and we think that fitness and nutrition is going to help us find it. Fitness and nutrition helped me find what it was and what it was was I had no identity outside of being someone else’s wife, someone’s mother, and someone’s daughter. What I found was that doing a really hard work out, sweating, say no to ice cream more than yes turned me into a person that I’m really proud of. Not because I have abs and not because I love every inch of my body but I love every inch of my mind.

The question then is how did I get to this place? I had a coach, I had a mentor, and I surrounded myself with people who were better than me at every single thing in life. Better leaders, better at exercise, better athletes, better at business, and better at being a friend than me.

I still do those things today. I surround myself with people better than me. I still search out mentors who are better than me, leaders who are better than me, athletes who are better than me, and then I hire a coach to hold me accountable to actually showing up in front of those people and myself.

Every single time this coach, mentor, leadership school has cost me a lot of money. But I never care about what the money is or represents because my return on investment is always three times the amount that it cost me. I’ll get three times better, I learned three times more than I knew before! So what cost me $1000 I actually got $3000 out of it.

Have you ever hired a coach for anything, had a mentor? Or do you constantly surround yourself with people better than you? If so tell me about it. I love to learn and would love to learn more about you. Maybe we’re the ones that you need to be surrounded by. Maybe we’re the coaches that you need. Maybe we’re the community of people that you are going to get three times your investment out of.