My favorite time of year!

01 Nov 2021

My favorite time of year!

I love this time of year. No, it is not for all the pumpkin spice everything.

I love it because it is the time of year we at NIKA start planning for 2022 and all the fantastic stuff we will be doing.

We start in October by looking at all the things we have done this year and seeing if they are relevant for next year. What do we need to add, repeat, and remove.
We then move to what fun events, specialty courses, and new will be our small group opportunity this year. These will have a specific focus and have 2-4 people in a group. They will be your biggest opportunity to level up faster! Coach Diane will be kicking this off with her small group mobility course.

We are really hoping to bring back Prom in 2022. This is crazy fun. Think of seeing each other dressed up and no gym clothes! We love to have some good drinks and dance the night away.

Of course, Barbell Betty’s will be making a return and possibly Barbell Bros?

Still left for this year is filling baskets for The Volusia County Basket Brigade in November. The Turkey Trot 5k or ten miler Thanksgiving morning.

December is all about Burpees for Bucks. This is your opportunity to make your favorite Coach do some burpees. For every dollar, you donate the coach of your choice has to do one burpee. $20.00 equals 20 burpees! We then go to lunch for what we call Shock-a-Clause. Where a local waiter or waitress gets the tip of a lifetime! We went to Pit Masters last year and left a tip of around $500.00! To say she was shocked is an understatement! This is my favorite event of the entire year!

Don’t worry, we can’t have Christmas without the 12 Days of Christmas.

This time of year brings the excitement of an entirely new year, but it is a huge time of year for the NIKA community!