Reclaim Your Time

08 Nov 2021

Reclaim Your Time

We all have different schedules and need more time! We are starting our holiday season with a bang. Just think about the schedule we have at Nika Athletics. November will include, our Basket Brigade collection and delivery, Nika’s 8th Anniversary week (which is full of fun stuff). Then there’s December, we will soon put up the stockings for Burpees for Bucks for our staff (which is donated to our Shock A Claus), 12 Days of Christmas WOD (special pin offer), and then to get us completely ready for Christmas we’ll have our Elf Wars Competition on Dec. 18th.

Phew! That’s a lot. Now we add your personal schedule in there……so when do you have time to BREATHE?

Here are a couple of ways I can suggest for you to just step back from all of this so you can reboot and enjoy every bit of your holiday season.


Scrolling through media, videos of cute kittens and crazy things people do really takes up a lot of time. Most phones have an app that tells you exactly where you are spending that time on your phone. Is it worth the time that is lost? Living with Intention by gaining that knowledge is the difference you can make in your life. Continuing to spend 5 hours on tik tok isn’t worth spending time rejuvenating or time with your family that you can never get back! Think what you could be doing instead! I SUGGEST A NAP!


If your budget allows, pay for time. Hire a lawn person, a cleaning person and/or pay for groceries to be delivered. Walmart has a $99 yearly fee. After that you get as many deliveries as you want and need. Don’t like them picking out your produce? Take the kids, puppy or spouse to your local farmers market or produce stand. When you do that you spend time together chatting, eating healthier and getting more exercise.


Limit how many times you check it. Going in numerous times daily and responding takes a lot of time. Set times when you check. Maybe AM, Noon, PM. These habits are hard to break but it gets easier. Ask me how to start setting these intentions and gaining more “you” time!


Oh that dreaded question of the day….. “What’s for dinner?” I swear my kid asks me when she gets out of the truck at school most mornings. My thoughts are usually, “Oh yeah we have that again.” When I prep cook or even meal plan, my life goes so much smoother. Living with intention, right? Knowing how to answer my kiddo because I already have it planned out is only the tip of the iceberg. Other pros would include spending less on groceries (Ex: making a roast, then using leftovers to make veggie soup), knowing what to pull from the freezer and when, and checking that one off the list. If you go all the way and prep cook these meals, say on Sunday or whatever day fits your schedule, you are saving even more time. Not to mention the last minute runs to fast food because it’s late and you are tired!


Are you in traffic for long periods of time and it’s frustrating how long it takes? Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Take this time to learn or be entertained. It got to the point I would sit in the driveway just to finish up a chapter of one of my favorite books. Have to wait long periods in waiting rooms? With your children? Talk to them. What’s up? Kids not there, read a book. How about this? Turn to your left and say “Hi”. Get to know someone. They may have a few nuggets you are missing in your life? How will you know if you don’t try. Live with intention folks!

Let’s make this happen! Pick one of these daily and try them, then make them part of your life. You will see improvement in how you spend your time in a more positive and productive manner.

In health,

Stacey Dofflemyer

Nika Athletics Mindset Coach

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