Frequently Asked Questions

You got Questions? We got Answers!

Below is a list of common questions we are asked when we are chatting with new members. If you dont see an answer to a question you have, feel free to contact us using the form below. We are always more than willing to answer any questions!

1. Do I have to “in shape” to start?

No, that is why we are here. No one walks in this door able to do everything. It is our job to help you get "in shape" and help you modify movements in order to help you reach your personal goals.

2. What if I have a old injury and cannot perform certain movements?

That is ok. Modification and mobility are what the coaches are there to help you do. No injury is to big or too small.

3. Are kids allowed at the gym?

Yes, we love kids. In fact we love too have them at the gym watching Mom and Dad working out. We love to find kids practicing their air squats or running alongside their parent.

4. Do you offer nutritional coaching?

Yes, we love to talk to you about your eating habits. See Ashley for more information.

5. Do your memberships have contracts?

No, we believe in what we do. What we offer, our coaches and community.

6. Do you offer personal training?

Yes, we believe that 1 on 1 train is one of the best ways to help you reach your personal goals. We offer them in 30 min and 1 hour sessions.

6. Drop-ins?

Yes we love drop-ins. Send a quick email or call and let us know you will be coming in. Cost is $15.00 per drop-in.

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